Digitalisation impacts on every aspect of life, including your marketing and sales communication in particular. In fact, the process of advertising your entire product portfolio in the many relevant channels has become very complex. Maintaining product advertising that is both up to date and appealing in the media you use is a demanding task, so there’s no harm in asking for a little help. And that’s what we’re here for.

  • Types of service

    Full marketeer satisfaction: tailored approach to inspiring customers with the right product at the relevant touchpoint. We can help you achieve this goal with our three types of service: product data management, media production and visualisation, and sales and marketing tools.

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  • Product data management

    These days, product communication just wouldn’t be possible without prepared product data. You can’t develop a film animation or visual product configurator without a 3D model of your product – that much is clear. But even a computer-generated campaign image or a printed price list requires a collection of product information.

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  • Media production and visualisation

    Each topic requires its very own approach, so it’s all the better that we develop your media content in line with the application and the objective of the communication.

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  • Sales and marketing tools

    Whether it’s a product configurator, marketing portal or database publishing solution, we develop, program and host your specific applications with our media IT team. Your benefit? Simple, cost-effective publication and distribution of your media content in the digital world.

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