Digitalisation impacts on every aspect of life, including your marketing and sales communication in particular. In fact, the process of advertising your entire product portfolio in the many relevant channels has become very complex. Maintaining product advertising that is both up to date and appealing in the media you use is a demanding task, so there’s no harm in asking for a little help. And that’s what we’re here for.

Sales and marketing tools

Digital media. As the name suggests, digital is paramount. And digital also always means IT. These media are not always published exclusively on your website or in relevant social media channels. Systems for media publication and distribution which are more complex and tailored to the objective are frequently required.

Do your trading partners regularly require up-to-date images of your products? Or do you need to provide your franchisees with individual sales documents and advertising media? Does your sales department require support in communicating product benefits? That’s where we come in. Whether it’s a product configurator, marketing portal or database publishing solution, we develop, program and host your specific applications with our media IT team. Your benefit? Simple, cost-effective publication and distribution of your media content in the digital world.

Maintain an overview. The product configurator.

Your product is modular in its design and a variant can be produced that meets the customer’s specific needs. How nice for your customers – as long as they can maintain an overview of the options. End customers can no longer grasp variety without a product configurator. Visual comparisons help them to choose a product and allow them to opt for variants with more expensive equipment.

But configurator content changes just as quickly as your product portfolio. We ensure a seamless process which brings together information and data from sales, product management, marketing and development, and thus guarantees your presentation is up to date.

We illustrate your product alternatives in your configurator with a visual quality that lives up to the standards of your products, and use layer or real-time technology, so that your customers know they’ve made the right choice.