Digitalisation impacts on every aspect of life, including your marketing and sales communication in particular. In fact, the process of advertising your entire product portfolio in the many relevant channels has become very complex. Maintaining product advertising that is both up to date and appealing in the media you use is a demanding task, so there’s no harm in asking for a little help. And that’s what we’re here for.

Media production and visualisation

Above or below the line? Traditional advertising techniques or content marketing instead? The approach to marketing communication is not as simple as it once was. You ultimately need to incorporate images, films and interactive content into all the relevant channels that appeal to your customers. Each topic requires its very own approach, so it’s all the better that we develop your media content in line with the application and the objective of the communication.

Dividing a content strategy into hero, hub and help media was a good decision on Google’s part: the individual campaign image (hero) requires a different approach from the visualisation of all product variants for a configurator (hub) or an informational product film (help). You specify the objective of the medium – we produce the appropriate media, saving time and money.

Process-based media production
Has your product portfolio got smaller over the years? Probably not! As such, new approaches to media production are required to gain control over the sheer mass of marketing content that needs to be created for your product communication. We have innovative, automated production processes for your advertising which are much more cost-effective when it comes to the individual media asset. And they still result in high-quality, tailored marketing media with which you can address your customers individually. You stay within budget without compromising on the quality of your advertising. Visualisation of your entire product portfolio in images and film – why not?

What makes media assets intelligent?
Images at eder always know what they contain. What do you need that for? If you want to address your customers in a direct, tailored way, you need to use just the right image and film materials sourced from databases. It’s therefore important to thoroughly document the product version, variant and scope of equipment showcased in your individual media assets.

So now you can tag each and every image and film ‘by hand’ to make them usable. But you don’t have to! We can automate the process for you. All the information on the product variant is available in the digital production process, which we use to immediately incorporate all the necessary details into the asset file. So your communication material always knows what it contains. We make media clever!