Experience the future of long-distance haulage in 3D.



A truck ahead of its time. The new Actros meets the continually growing demands in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage more effectively than ever. With enhanced efficiency. With unique comfort. And with exemplary reliability.

We built an interactive 360° application as a customer experience to present the new technologies of the new Actros. Customers and truck-lovers as well, can move freely through the driver cabin with their smartphones or tablets and find more detailed information about the new technologies by clicking the hotspots. For example about the mirror cam, that is going to be set instead of the rear view mirrors.



While programming the focus was on a good performance. Paired with the high visual quality of the real-time application, the user feels himself being inside the new Actros.

The interactive 360° application is a mix of configuration, information and „experience-truck“. It fills truckers and also truck-lovers with enthusiasm.